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MicroStar Computer Systems

Your best choice for world-class seconds in IT equipment!
We have a fully loaded and updated on- line store. Click the link below to enter our store. If you have any questions send us an email on


we stock a range of branded, tier 1, laptops. These are pre-owned and often come from a corporate environment


We stock a range of branded, tier 1 desktops, from entry level to Intel Core i7, each desktop is checked and refurbished by our qualified technical personnel.

Laptop accessories

Laptop Spares

We have a range of new/used laptop spares, such as replacement screens, optical drives, fans, laptop chargers and laptop batteries. Contact us with your requirements and we will gladly quote you.

LCD/LED monitors

Refurbished LCD monitors

We have a range of used LCD/LED monitors from 15' to 24', these are all pre-owned and in excellent condition.